Be Someone’s Miracle

Wise choices create the outcomes we desire.

Yesterday, Joel Osteen Ministries posted the following on Facebook:

We have to realize that we can become someone’s miracle. Look around at who God has put in your life. You may be their miracle.


That is frequently part of my daily prayer – for God to use me as a miracle conduit or to channel a miracle through me.

As a high school English teacher, I generally feel that any time I can get a student to enjoy Shakespeare or any novel, then I’ve been a miracle for that student that day. And, sadly in the day and time, students often simply need the miracle of someone to listen to them, so I always do.

However, as I read Joel Osteen Ministries’ post last night, I stopped, closed my eyes, and thought about who else’s miracle I could be.

As I stated in a previous post – Shimmying for Charity – I’m involved with a Shimmy Mob to bring awareness to and raise funds for a local Domestic Violence Shelter. My group selected a fairly large and locally well known shelter.

Then, last night, I suddenly remembered another small, local Domestic Violence Shelter that could certainly use some donations, and that I know my colleagues would be more willing to support. Therefore, I will add them as one of my Shimmy Mob’s recipients. Thus, we all get to be someone’s miracle.

I have a few other ideas of how I can be a miracle to them and the victims in their shelters, but I’m not ready to discuss them. After all, I should discuss them with the organization first.

I’m really excited about these other ideas. Being someone else’s miracle feels awesome, and it goes right along with my belief in Paying It Forward and giving with the recipient necessarily knowing who the giver is.

Have a miraculous day!


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