Love Yourself Today

Wise choices create the outcomes we desire.

Women are far too critical of themselves. And, exactly where has that gotten us? If it hasn’t gotten you where you want to be, then change it. You know the old saying about changing what you’re doing, so why don’t we?

We’re great about celebrating other people’s successes and telling them how wonderful and beautiful they are. Why not ourselves? Why do we beat ourselves up instead of lifting ourselves? Why do we treat other people better than we treat ourselves?

It doesn’t matter why. It only matters that we stop criticizing ourselves and start approving ourselves.

1654190_446671442129395_643631506_n(NOTE: I saw this picture on Facebook and just had to include it in this post. It says everything so much of what I wanted to say. Plus, it’s just beautiful.)

So, let’s try it. Approve of yourself. Love yourself. Take baby steps, but begin.

Right now. Stop reading and say something wonderful about yourself. Then, a hour from now, say it again and add one more wonderful thing to your list. Even better, write it down every time you add to the list.

Don’t forget to include both your inner and outer beauty.

As you do this, you’ll discover that you are truly wonderful and beautiful. You’ll also start to see wonderful changes in your life.

You don’t need to look like someone else or have someone else’s life to be fabulous. Find the fabulousness within you.

What do you love about yourself? Have you already seen changes because you quit being so critical?

Please tell me about it in the comment box below, “Like”, and share.

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  1. The Great Gordino
    4 years ago

    Great post, as it reminds us of an amazingly simple, yet amazingly easy to overlook technique.
    It’s a technique which can make real impact on anyone’s life.
    As with any technique though, thinking about it is not as effective as actually *doing* it!
    Thanks for the reminder,

  2. Fiona Maclean
    4 years ago

    what a nice way to remind us all to be positive. I think I DO have a strong self image…

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