Shimmy Mob, 2014

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Previously, I wrote a post — Shimmying for Charity — about World Bellydance Day and Shimmy Mob, a worldwide event to bring awareness to domestic violence as well as fundraise for a local domestic violence shelter.

In that post, I promised a few updates, including photos and a video. I haven’t posted those promised photos yet because, even though World Bellydance Day was May 10, my Shimmy Mob group is performing one more time and hoping to raise a little more money for the Peace River Center Domestic Violence Shelter. Therefore, I still won’t share the video. Yet. I will share a few photos, though.

As you can see, we were a small group, only 6 dancers, but we had a lot of fun during our 4 Shimmy Mob performances on World Bellydance Day.


Our first performance was in front of these beautiful roses in Munn Park.


One member of our audience asked us about the t-shirts. He said he thought Belly dance generally meant that the belly was visible.

And, he is correct. Generally speaking.



Since the event is designed to bring awareness to domestic violence, it would not be appropriate for us to show our bellies during such a performance. Therefore, all 2000+ dancers in 162 cities around the globe wore the exact same t-shirt and performed the exact same choreography in this huge global Shimmy Mob event.


Hollis Gardens — A beautiful location overlooking one of our many lovely lakes.




By the way, each of our group modified our t-shirts in different ways to add to our costumes and display a little individuality.




A quick photo before the music started. Very quick. We really didn’t even have time to get set for this pose before we had to jump up and dance.












Just a few photos from the actual performances.












Click here for more information on Shimmy Mob so you can prepare for 2015.

Click here to donate to our fundraising for Peace River Center Domestic Violence Shelter.


Come back later in June for a link to our video.

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  1. Rally L.C.
    4 years ago

    I think this is such a lovely event for such a powerful cause. I really appreciate you ladies and I wish you all best of luck!

    • drwixy
      4 years ago

      Thanks so much, Rally. We had a lot of fun. Just wish we could have raised more money.

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