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I started bellydancing in fall of 2010 for fun and exercise, and I fell in love with this beautiful art form. I’m still dancing and having even more fun with it now than I did when I started three and a half years ago.


Less than 2 weeks ago, I discovered that May 10, 2014 is World Bellydance Day. Who knew there was such a thing? And, there’s a worldwide Shimmy Mob on World Bellydance Day. Why didn’t I know about this? In fact, why didn’t any one of my dance friends know about this?


What’s important is that I found out before registration for 2014 closed, which turns out to be only the fourth annual Shimmy Mob event. Now, I don’t feel so bad about not knowing about it.


10152516_10201730738017758_1210959346_nLast week I organized a small mob for my city. I do so love contributing to my community and giving back to my world. We are 6 dancers strong in our first year.


Now, it’s time to get to work for the mission.

The primary mission of Shimmy Mob is to raise awareness and funds for shelters for abused women and children. The secondary objective is to raise awareness of bellydance as an art form. Sadly, many people have the wrong idea about bellydancing.


Bellydance (also known as Raks or Raqs Sharki, Raks or Raqs Baladi, and Danse du Ventre) is one of the oldest known dance styles. Unfortunately, reliable evidence about its origins is scare. Middle Eastern, Greek, and Roman sources describe dancers using undulating movements and descriptions that certainly resemble the movements that we  associate today with bellydance.


Step One: Find a local shelter to support. We learned about a couple of local shelters, contacted them, and selected one. Wonderful! Step one done.


Step Two: We need to find a location and a time for our performance on May 10. We need a location with lots of foot traffic, so we can pass out flyers and pass a hat for donations. Of course, we six dancers will also contact friends, relations, and even strangers for donations through the merry month May.


Step Three: Fundraise and dance.


I’ll post photos and even a video next month after our performance. Maybe, I’ll even post a photo or two of rehearsals. I’ll definitely keep you informed about our fundraising progress.


If you’d like to donate to our cause, the Peace River Center for Domestic Violence Shelter, you may do so at Of course, yo may wish to find a Shimmy Mob group in your area. After all, with 162 cities, there’s probably one in your part of the world.


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  1. Flo Callender
    4 years ago

    I really like the C.S, Lewis quote you used at the beginning. It’s one of my favorites.

    Regarding belly dancing, I’ll pass on that one. I hope you get lots of support for your charity fundraising and event. All the best to you.

    • drwixy
      4 years ago

      Thanks, Flo. I love C.S. Lewis, too. Thanks for noticing the quote.

  2. Lisa Mallis
    4 years ago

    I want to see videos! What a great cause – and sure to be a fun day!

    • drwixy
      4 years ago

      I will definitely post videos later. We’re a small group, but determined to raise about a thousand dollars.

  3. Andy Lockhart
    4 years ago

    WoW, thanks for sharing – World belly Dance Day!

    • drwixy
      4 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, Andy. I hadn’t seen you in this month’s challenge. Nice to see some familiar people.

  4. drwixy
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the comments. I will definitely share video later.

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